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List Price: $169.99
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Amazon.com Product Description The Beltronics Vector 940 could be the perfect accessory to the economical driver. When you imagine about how exactly much only one speeding violation will definitely cost you, a good investment such as this seems downright practical. The Vector 940 retains six times the array of imports, cover up you for all those U.S. Radar and Laser Bands, all with an affordable price.

The perfect radar accessory for that economical driver. Click to enlarge.
Includes coiled power cable.
Easily install with quick-release windshield mount.

Superior Detection
The Vector 940 includes full X, K, SuperWide Ka, and Safety Warning System radar capability, laser detection, patented Mute and AutoMute features, audible and visual band alerts, and all sorts of the performance you'd expect from Beltronics.

Digital signal processing (DSP) technology and multiple laser sensors present you with long-range performance, and greatly decrease the quantity of false alarms. Ahead of that, the Vector 940 is invisible to VG-2 radar detector detectors, keeping you one step ahead. It also features Highway/City sensitivity settings to tailor performance for your needs.

Easy to Use
The rugged Vector 940 offers you control right at your fingertips. Patented Mute and AutoMute technology allows one to quickly silence alerts. Advanced programming lets you customize several features, and controls are typically accessible at the top in the device.

Installation can also be a snap: use the quick release Windshield QuickMount to attach it for a vehicle's windshield, and remove it in the snap. Don't need to leave it in your vehicle? No problem, because Beltronics features a travel case to keep it secure while you are on foot.

Ultra-Bright LED Display
Don't miss a visual alert with all the 940's 280-LED alphanumeric display. Exclusive threat display tracks and displays multiple radar signals, including signal strength. It can be done to also view Safety Warning System (SWS) messages about upcoming hazards, construction, and more.

Enjoy three different brightness settings, or operate in dark mode if you prefer only audio alerts.

Total Tracking Laser
Unlike Radar signals, which can be highly reflective, laser signals have inadequate reflective characteristics. Many of today's laser detectors do not have the high sensitivity required to detect laser inside a large "field of view." The Vector 940 incorporates Beltronics' best laser detection, which uses twin laser ports to detect energy far beyond your main laser beam--including off-axis signals--providing a 360-degree field of view. The alerts given by your unit are exactly the same whether signals are received in the front or rear.

How Safety Radar Works
Safety Warning System (SWS) a modified K-band radar signal to alert users of Highway Construction or Maintenance, Highway Hazard Zone Advisories, Weather Related Hazards, Travel Information/Convenience, and Fast/Slow Moving Vehicles. The SWS has 64 possible messages (60 currently allocated), all which might be displayed in your Vector 940.

What's within the Box
Beltronics V940 Vector Radar/laser Detector, coiled power cord, quick release windshield mount, owner's manual
The Beltronics V940 will be the most advanced radar, laser and safety detector ever created by Beltronics. It includes full X, K, SuperWide Ka, and Safety Warning System radar capability, front and rear laser detection varactor-tuned (VTO) microwave receiver, digital signal processing (DSP) for superior range and reduced false alarms, our patented Mute and AutoMute, audible and visual band alerts, and all the performance you'd expect from Beltronics.

Full X, K, SuperWide Ka, Ku, and laser alert, plus Safety Warning System message display in an easy-to-use laser/radar detector
Digital signal processing (DSP) technology and multiple laser sensors give you long-range performance, and greatly reduce the number of false alarms
Ultra-bright 280-LED alphanumeric display
Immune to VG-2 radar detector detection, so law enforcement cannot detect its use
One-year limited warranty

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